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The SihanoukVille Seafood Diet.

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Day and Night

Seafood on the BeachStarting early in the morning, the catch of the day comes into the port, or even right to a restaurant on the beach.  And at some of the best prices you'll ever see.  Most beach stands have seafood, and there are many seafood specialty restaurants around town.  Crabs, squid and shrimp are walking (or laying) on grills that are walking along the beach all day.
Try Chhne Meas, or Molop Chrey Poki, Mega Seafood

Seafood Restaurants
Many restaurants specialize only in seafood.  Not surprising, since the seafood caught here is exported to several counties around the world.  Some of the finest: Sea Dragon, raw fish (Japanese Sushi) at our 9 Japanese Restaurants around town.

Fresh Water Fish
Anywhere you go in Cambodia, you'll see rivers, lakes, and streams. The Tonle Sap lake in Siem Reap and Mekong River provide a large percentage of the food consumed in Cambodia.  SihanoukVille has a few large rivers emptying into the ocean and gets the rest from all over the country.

The SihanoukVille Seafood Market
Near the Port

Fresh seafood right from the Sea!

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