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a lot of sand, and a lot of drinking

Beach Bars
Cambodian law states: if you have a beach, you must have a bar nearby.  Except for the far Middle of Otres Beach and Hun Sen Beach, which are unoccupied beach, you're bound to find a few places to your liking. 

Sokha Resort, Independence Hotel, Cloud 9 , Bamboo Shack, and about 500 more.
Downtown Bars
The same law that applies to beaches, also applies to beach towns as well: 

The Small Hotel, Holy Cow
restaurants downtown.  However, lots of streetside bars with beers for 50 cents, and cheap bottles of booze (homemade) for 50 cents.

Late Night Bars
or early morning bars, depending on your point of view.  Some places are open 24 hours a day.  Some close after midnight or when the last customer leaves.

The Small Hotel, G'Day Mate (24 hours),
and The New Night Market (SihanoukVille Square) near Ocheteaul Beach.  The Celebrity Club (Open Soon), The Orient Genting

Many open at 8pm or 9pm, so you know they're late night places.



A few disco's in town.  Most open after 9 or 10pm.   Amazone or LV downtown are some of the most popular.  Expect to hear some Karaoke in some of the discos.. 

Bars on "The Hill"
The hill was SihanoukVille's backpackers' paradise. 23 hours a day; all the services you need.  In English and several other languages.

Corner Bar, Diver's Inc., Chaka Garden at Eden's Garden, Tiki Club, La Provencal, L'Ambassade, and about 56 others.  (now, mostly Chinese)





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