SihanoukVille, Cambodia

SihanoukVille - Beach Bars & Restaurants

Golden Lions

Seafood, Burgers, Pizza, and Beer

and anything else you can think of.






Fresh seafood, Fresh Beer

SihanoukVille ... The only place in Cambodia that has both.

Seafood on the Beach Starting early in the morning, the catch of the day comes into the port, or even right to a restaurant on the beach.  And at some of the best prices you'll ever see.  Most beach stands have seafood, and there are many seafood specialty restaurants around town. Also, many seafood stands on the beach at Ream National Park.

French Fries, Pizza, and Beer at many beach shacks on Ocheteaul Beach, Serendipity, Sokha, Otres and Victory Beaches.  Try Susaday, Cloud 9


One Bourbon, One Shot, and One Beer
and give it to me in a coconut.  With some of the cheapest booze in the world, and with a world class brewery at the top of SihanoukVille's mountain, you can get some of the freshest beer, and oldest wine, and liquors, at most any place on the beach.  Many foreign owned places also have happy hour around sunset.  Not to mention, we have the only brewery for the national beer of Cambodia, Angkor Beer, now partly owned by Carlsberg as well.


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