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Golden Lions

You wanna bet

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24 hour a day action

at our family casinos.

20+ casinos, with more to come.  (and that doesn't count on-line casinos either)

* Holiday Palace Casino is on Victory Beach, and has over 100 rooms.  Best selection of video type games.   Chinese oriented.  Starb**ks type coffee shop, Indonesian restaurant, Beach side restaurant, and an ocean.

* Fortuna Casino is near Ocheteaul and Serendipity Beaches, on the Golden Lions Circle.  Coldest beer, cheapest blackjack.

* Kampongsom City Casino & Hotel, near the Golden Lions, Ocheteal Beach.  The local Cambodian alternative.

* Sokha Vegas Casino at Sokha Resort is expanding, and has a full range of gaming machines and tables, right in the hotel.   on Sokha Beach

* Bao Mai Resort & Casino - Chinese oriented.  Right on Ocheteaul Beach

* Golden Royal Hotel - Chinese Oriented.  Right on Hawaii Beach

* Lion City Casino - Ocheteaul Beach

* New Macau Casino - Chinese oriented (of course)  Ocheteaul Beach

* Golden Sea Royale (or Grandstarz Royale Holding) - Chinese oriented.  inside the Golden Sea Hotel & Casino  Victory Beach

* The Sun Will - inside Queenco Tower Hotel - (for Chinese customers only, not for anyone else)  Victory Beach

Majestic Casino - or SV World Casino - Chinese oriented on Victory Hill

rooms at these 12 casinos run from $35 and up.  Weekends and holidays are usually more.  All take (and some require) reservations.

* Diamond Sea Casino - the local alternative, on Victory Hill.  Baccarat & Slots.

* Golden Sea Casino - on Victory Beach.  New 7 story luxury hotel and casino.

* Queenco Casino - right on Victory Beach, with several restaurants and a great view.

* The Rich Resort - Right on Victory Beach

* Diamond Casino - Chinese oriented.  At Golden Sand Hotel - Ocheteaul Beach

* Ya Dou Li Casino and Hotel - Chinese oriented.  Ocheteaul Beach

* Bao Du Casino - Downtown

Super Rich Casino Resort - Sokha Beach (Open Soon?)

* JB Casino - Ocheteaul Beach (Open Soon!)

* WM Casino - (Open Soon?) - Serendipity Beach

* White Sand Palace - Ocheteaul Beach

* Bao Long Casino Chinese oriented.  (at Ya Duo Li) - Ocheteaul Beach

* Victory Paradise Casino Resort - Top of Victory Hill

Other Services
some hotels offer conference room facilities, meeting rooms, room service and full restaurant.

Casinos here offer gaming machines from 1 cent to $4 per game. Video poker and an assortment of slots are most common, with many 10 and 20 cent roulette machines.  All the machines take only U.S. Dollars.  (which is the standard currency in Cambodia)

Baccarat is the most common table game, followed by roulette and blackjack.  Roulette is usually a $1 minimum; Blackjack $2-$10 minimum, and Baccarat $5 or $10 minimum.  2 (or more) of the casinos have Texas Hold 'em Poker. 

Comp offers vary, but usually include free rooms for a $300-$800 minimum buy-in.  Usually free drinks and smokes at the tables and games, and free food at the tables.

You can now play at many of our casinos from your own home, anywhere you have an internet connection.  Dozens of live, on-line casinos around town.  In fact, possibly some casinos here are on-line only deals. (but not the ones listed above.)

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Many casinos cater to Chinese gamblers now, and have many Chinese speaking staff, food, games, and dealers who speak Chinese.

Check out the Little Macau Chinatown page.

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