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A day or less

There's a few places to see outside of town that take a day or less to see.  You can leave for most destinations in the morning and return to your hotel by late afternoon.  Check out the SihanoukVille Tours page also.





After breakfast

travel and explore.  At night relax by the beach.

Steung Hauv
Steung Hauv is a fishing community about an hour outside of town.  There're no guesthouses here and very few places with menu's in English, so it's the perfect getaway into the real Cambodia.  You can easily get lost going around Steung Hauv, but there's only one road in and out, so you can't get lost very far.  

Some activities in Steung Hauv are eating the fresh seafood, watching the boat builders, and just driving or walking around town. There is a central market, but not too much there.  To get to Steung Hauv, take a car or motorcycle past the port, to the end of the road; about 10 minutes past the port.  At the end of the road, you must turn right onto a dirt road.  Take this road another 15 to 25 minutes, and you're there.

It's important to get back to the port area before dark, as there are no lights on the road.

Ream National Park
Ream Park covers mountains and the beaches on the road going back to Phnom Penh.  The park service offers tours and can be contacted at the entrance of the park. Many beach huts line the beach offering fresh seafood. Boats can be hired to take island trips.  This is about a half hour ride from town.

Kbal Chhay Waterfalls is a popular stopoff on the way back from Ream National Park, or a half day trip in itself. About 25 minutes from town.

And Wat Ream (a Buddhist Temple) has some good views as well as a giant reclining Buddha on top of the hill. It's also one of the best places for bird watching around.  Check out the Ream Park Page.

Kampot & Kep
Kampot & Kep are small towns about 1.5 hours outside town, near the Vietnam border.  You can either make it a day trip, or there are many guesthouses and bungalows available.  


The nearer town is Kampot.  Kampot is usually the starting point for tours to Bokor Mountain.   Kampot is a quieter and more relaxed town than SihanoukVille, divided by a river. Kep, a half hour past Kampot, is an even quieter seaside town.  

By Boat
Fishing, Snorkeling, River and Ocean tours, Island tours.  From a half-day to a full day tour.  Even night fishing tours.

More on the SihanoukVille Boating page.  And on the SihanoukVille Island Boat Schedule and Scuba Diving pages.



and More
If you rent your own motorcycle, (not recommended now), or motorcycle taxi or tuk tuk or car, you can tour around the hills of SihanoukVille.  It's easy to get lost, and easy to get found.  There's only one road out of town, so you can't get lost too far. Stray Dog dirt bike tours and a host of new "Buggy" tours can get you around town, or around the country and beyond, as well

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