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All I want is a week on the beach

No Problem

But where to stay?

Every beach is different.  Read on to find out.

Ocheteaul Beach probably has the most places to stay.  On the beach street, and going three streets up, are mid to high priced hotels and guesthouses.  There are a few for $6-$8, and dorm rooms, without air-con or TV.  Most are $15 to $50 and have most amenities.   Several places have swimming pools.

Serendipity Beach Serendipity has several places to stay right on the beach.  Starting from $12/night to $150.  Here, you will find the most tourists in town.  (except for Otres Beach)

Victory Beach Victory Beach is at the bottom of Victory Hill or "The Hill". The beach is near the country's main port.  A private beach with restaurants, and a casino or 3, and hotel right on the beach.   Across the street from the beach, you can find SihanoukVille's original backpacker area.   (Now Called China Hill)
Victory Hill.

Otres Beach
Otres Beach  (and Otres Village right near the beach) is filled with Beachside, Riverside and Lakeside places to stay.  The near and far end of Otres is crowded with beach restaurant and hotels, and in the middle 1+ Kilometer, it is crowded with sand and trees and gardens.

Independence BeachIndependence Beach has a casino resort hotel at one end, and a 4 star hotel at the other.  The rest is a kilometer of quiet beach with a group of 10 restaurants in the middle.  However, soon to have a few high rises and casinos right on or across from the beach.

Other Beaches Ream National Park, about 30 minutes outside of town has a few guesthouses on the beach. Most other beaches, such as Hun Sen Beach, and Hawaii Beach have very few places to stay.

Sokha Beach The entire Sokha Beach Resort is covered by Cambodia's only 5 star mainland beach resort, The Sokha Beach Resort.


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