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But not really New York.




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and a quick trip to all the beaches.  About 60 hotels and guesthouses downtown, we have a list of about 45 places.

Budget Places Places to stay here start at $6 a day, and include bathroom and cable TV.  Try Ung Wisal, Guesthouse 66.

Mid-Priced and here, mid-priced starts at $7.  Really nice for $15. Air-con, Cable TV, Fridge, and a bigger room and bed.  Try, The Small Hotel.

6 Star Resorts can be found in Paris, New York and Hong Kong.  SihanoukVille's got a few nice places downtown starting at $15.  Bigger rooms, more amenities. The Royal Princess Hotel, Tep Apsara, The Small Hotel

Zhong Gou Guesthouse
Ung Wisal Guesthouse
Thet Kuch Chantou Guesthouse
Tep Apsara Guesthouse
Singapore Guesthouse
Sea Sand Guesthouse
Royal Princess Hotel
Nghi Chhe Guesthouse
New Golden Wealth Casino Hotel
Le D'Artagnan Luxury Villa Resort
Kompongsom Sport Club & Motel
King Casino
Jia Hong Chinese
Gelato Italiano
Guesthouse 66.
Charlie Harper's

Big List of Downtown SihanoukVille Hotels & Guesthouses

downtown, sihanoukville, cambodia

downtown, sihanoukville, cambodia

downtown, sihanoukville, cambodia

map of downtown sihanoukville, cambodia


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