SihanoukVille, Cambodia

SihanoukVille - Naval Port

Golden Lions

Sailors and Marines

really enjoy a layover in SihanoukVille












and SihanoukVille welcomes the Navies of the World

from Japan, France, India, Australia, Thailand, Russia, and America. 

Layout of the town
You'll be arriving at the Port of SihanoukVille, unless coming in on a hovercraft or helicopter.  From the port, busses will take you either to downtown, or to the Golden Lions Circle.  (see the map of SihanoukVille)

Downtown, walking around, your choices are a couple dozen restaurants and bars, with food from China, Sweden, France, Australia and many Chinese, Vietnamese and Khmer (Cambodian) and Chinese restaurants.  The central market is a 2 minute walk uphill from the Total and Sokimex gas stations.

Arriving at the Golden Lions circle, you're a 3 minute walk to a couple of beaches (Serendipity and Ocheteaul), a dozen casinos, and over 100 restaurants and bars from Estonia, England, Japan, China, Netherlands, India, Russia, China, Greece, Turkey, America, Spain, and a few dozen other countries.  So don't pay $10 for a 12 cent ride to the beach.  OK?

Our cultural attractions (besides the casinos) are the Angkor Beer Brewery, the National Beer of Cambodia, at the top of SihanoukVille Mountain (contact us and we may be able to get you a few drinking beer sampling sessions there), and the Wats (Buddhist Temples) around town.

Best to pick up a free SihanoukVille Advertiser, available at most hotels and restaurants, while they last, to get maps of the town.  

SihanoukVille is surrounded on three sides by ocean.  You're in the Bay of Thailand now.  It's a really big bay however.  We share it with Thailand (of course), Vietnam and Malaysia.  Check Beaches of SihanoukVille for more info.

Getting Around
Most Navies don't allow their crews to drive while in town, or use the cheaper moto taxi services.  SihanoukVille is very spread out, and you won't be able to drive yourself, so you'll be stuck walking or taking "slightly" overpriced Tuk Tuks (remember Thailand) around town. You can also rent a car with driver for the day for what is normally a $40 fee including driver and gas.

Downtown is very walkable, as is the Ocheteaul / Serendipity / Golden Lions Circle area, and the area around Victory Hill / Victory Beach.

If you're lucky enough to get to stay overnight, there's SihanoukVille's hotel rooms starting from $7, with a bathroom, Cable TV and not much else.  $14 and up gets you Air-Con, a fridge and hot water.   On or near the beach is a bit more.  Looking for something nicer, check out SihanoukVille Beach Resorts.

You're not in Kansas anymore.  A few souvenir shops sell Cambodia T-shirts, refrigerator magnets, and little desktop statues.  This is the land of Angkor Wat, the most impressive 1,000 year old temple complex in the world, so you'll see many reproductions of the ancient sculptures and temples.  Also, Cambodia is known for it's silk and cotton scarves. The best shopping, what little there is, is mostly found downtown, and on Serendipity Beach Road near Serendipity Beach.  Also, many of the bars and restaurants sell shirts with their logo on them.


sailboat in sihanoukville, cambodia  


navy ship in sihanoukville

uss mustin navy ship at sunset in sihanoukville cambodia

bridge of a navy ship in sihanoukville, cambodia

american navy ship in sihanoukville, cambodia

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