SihanoukVille, Cambodia

SihanoukVille - Group Tours around SihanoukVille, Cambodia

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Touring around SihanoukVille

with your own group, or with others

By Land
Tours by van around SihanoukVille by Ana Travel and Tours go to the Wats (Buddhist Temples) around town, to the beaches, waterfalls, and Ream National Park.  Packages are from $30/person, and can be custom tailored

Stray Dog Adventures dirt bike trips around SihanoukVille Province and beyond.

Plenty of "Buggy" places around now, that have 4 wheel off road vehicles for beach, town and jungle tours.

Strangely enough, there are not many tours around town that originate here, but many from other cities and countries around the world.

By Sea

Sun Tours has a large boat with day trips to the island, including buffet lunch and a bar.

Island Cruise - Large 3 level boat with bar and restaurant.  Day Trips to Koh Rong Samloem Island

Sailing Cambodia island tours

You can just rent your own boat with a captain for 2 or more people, starting from $80+ a day.  All the beaches in town have fishing type boats for rental, and a dozen larger passenger boats as well.

More boating stuff on the Boating and Fishing page.



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