SihanoukVille, Cambodia


SihanoukVille - Steung Hauv (Steung Hav)

Golden Lions

Steung Hauv

fishing village, industrial zone.





Formerly a quiet fishing village

45 minutes from downtown SihanoukVille

45 minutes by car or moto from down town SihanoukVille.  Follow the ocean past the port and you can't miss it.  Best to be back in SihanoukVille before dark, as there're no lights along the road.  Also, a road from Route 4  connects directly to Steung Hauv from Veal Renh.

You can also take a private boat from SihanoukVille for an hour or less ride, one way.

What to do?
Sightseeing, fishing, boating and seafood are about the only activities here.  A few guesthouses now, (but we could only find one, CSM Resort), no foreign food served (like burgers and pizza), but lots of seafood!.  Lot of small fish processing plants near the piers, you can usually peek in, or even join in.  They're hundreds of great outdoors places to go. On the docks, rivers, mangrove forests, hills and valleys, or just stroll around the neighborhoods.

The piers are always an attraction with the boats, fisherpeople, and delicious smells of fish (uncooked, of course)

There's a boat yard with a few new boats being built, and many more being repaired or overhauled.

A new electrical power plant is being built here, as is a Special Economic Zone, so there's actually many cars and trucks around the entrance to town now.

And lots of trees, planted by the King!

Street View Map of Steung Hauv

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