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Otres Beach, sihanoukville, cambodia

Otres Beach

The mostly quiet beach







Lots of Sand

and water too.

Otres Beach is filled with restaurants with food from many countries of the world.  French, Italian, Chinese, Khmer and many others.  Most of the hotels on the beach have their own restaurants, and there are many stand alone beach restaurants and bars as well.

otres beach riverside

otres beach hotel

Otres Beach starts at Queen Hill resort, just over the Otres river at the end of South Ocheteaul Beach.   This is the closest part of the beach to town, and you can walk from South Ocheteaul Beach, over the bridge to Queen Hill and then down the hill. 

This is the most popular Western style beach, and one of the only "Non" Chinatown places in town now.

Getting Here:

Most take the new road, behind the "golf course" for a 10 - 15 minute ride from town.  About $1.50 by motorcycle taxi and $5 by tuk tuk (for a few people in the tuk tuk). 

PassApp.  The new tuk tuk ride app that works great here, and saves you time and money.  Download and use it!

There's a new road from Route 4, near Kbal Chhay waterfall that takes about 10 minutes to get here. 

And another road from Bet Trang, near the airport, that goes through the mountains and "Otres 3".  A couple bad patches, but great for motorcycles.

The Beaches

"Near O".  500 meters of beach shacks, bars, restaurants, which end at "Long Beach". 

Long Beach is an empty beach, about 1,500 meters, sparsely lined with trees.  Beautiful white sand, and nothing else. 

At the far end of Otres (Known as "Far O"), another 500 meters of beach restaurants and bungalows, ending at the Other Otres River.

And now, "Otres 3" is opening up, with a horse riding place and zipline right near the beach.  Beautiful isolated beaches here, but the longest ride.

There're also many guesthouse / restaurants popping up on the riverside, at "Far O" Otres Beach, within a minute walk to the beach.

Also, a kilometer behind Otres Beach is Otres Village.  A small pond or two, lined with bungalows, restaurants, and artists.

ochheuteal beach, sihanoukville, cambodia

Hurricane Windsurfing at Queenco Palm Beach has a selection of bodyboards, windsurfing boards, fly boards, and other water sports equipment.

Otres is growing fast. The best beach for relaxation, but this won't last forever.  Now's the time to come visit!


Otres Beach Pictures

Bungalows and Restaurants on Otres Beach:

Banana Beach  |  Papa Pippo  |   Secret Garden  |   Columbus Bungalows  |   Mushroom Point  | Mushroom Beach Point  |   SeaGarden   |   Everythang! |   Moorea Beach  |  Wish You Were Here  |  Bamboo Shack*  |  Chez Paou  |    Hurricane Windsurfing*  |  Lim Hour  |  Mien Mien  |  Otres Orchid Beach House  |  Footprints  | Penguin Pablo's  |  Otres Corner Bar  |    |   Eolia Beach Resort |   Dune*  |  Tamu  |  Friends Forever*  |   Pat Pat Guesthouse  |   Sahaa Beach Resort  |  Mary Beach Bungalow  |   Mary Beach Hotel & Resort  |  Magic Tree Bungalows  |  Ren Resort  |  Harmony Home Resort  |  Sea Breeze Resort  |  Otres Resort  |   White Boutique  |  Naia Resort  |   Good Time Resort  |    Relax Bungalows  |  Beach Chalet  |   Otres Lodge  |  Sunshine Cafe  |  Mom's Kitchen |   Otres Long Beach Bungalows 2Green Pepper*  |  Bower Bar  |  Amareina  |  Otres Camp*  |  Easy Panda  |  Five Men Microbrewery (OC Beach Club)*  | Captain Mike's*  |

* no rooms or bungalows

Check out the new Otres Pier on "Far O" Otres Beach!

Places in Otres Village
behind Otres Beach in the Mangrove Forest.

otres village riverside

otres beach, sihanoukville, cambodia

otres beach map.  sihanoukville, cambodia
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