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Eat, Drink, & Be Merry!

Food & Drink.  There's a few (thousand) places in SihanoukVille to indulge yourself. Specialties from around the world, fresh seafood, and even a few Cambodian dishes.  And at night, some of the bars and discos continue 'til the morning.





You get what you want.

Want Italian, Japanese, Seafood on the beach, try some traditional Khmer (Cambodian) dishes.  They're all here!

Seafood With ocean on three sides of town, there's no shortage of fresh seafood to be found.  All the beaches have seafood restaurants, downtown has a nice selection, and some of it even walks down the street on someone's shoulders or rides on a bicycle.

Foods of the World  (all the listed restaurants in SihanoukVille)

There's authentic foods from all over the world made by the people from all over the world living here.  French, Italian, Indian, Pakistani, German, Japanese, Australian, Greek, German, Swedish, and many more.  You can skip traveling all over the world, once you come to SihanoukVille.

Cheap Eats  A dollar gets you a meal and a drink at many of the small Cambodia restaurants on the street.  On "The Hill", there's many Cambodian places where you can get a meal for a dollar or more. 

Fine Eats
There's no lack of fine quality dining around SihanoukVille.  Seafood, Tapas, French, Japanese, Thai and many more.  Meals at a fine restaurant can cost from $8 a dish up. Chefs from all over the world live and work here, so you can have fun.

Traditional Khmer Grilled pressed squid, Cambodian curry, chicken, beef, pork, and lots of fish, tropical fruits, and vegetables, and meat soups, and don't forget your rice.

Bars & Discos On the beaches, islands, rooftops, downtown, uptown, inside, outside, street side, you can't walk one minute without finding something to quench your thirst.  A number of bars and discos are now open all night, for your partying pleasure

On "The Hill" Sometimes called Victory Hill, Weather Station Hill, or Backpacker Hill or Chinatown. Some fine eats on and near the beach, and lots of backpacker food as well...  All the menus are in English (now many are only in Chinese), and a few other languages, and all within a minute's walk.  Downtown French, German, Swedish, Chinese and a few others are all within a few minute's walk downtown.  Several local roadside stands sell traditional Khmer food as well.


Beach Places Most all the beaches around town are filled with beach bars and restaurants.  The Cambodian owned places offer traditional meals with rice, meats, veggies, soups and fish.  Many places now have complete seafood selections, foods of the world, and B.B.Q's.   Victory beach and Treasure Island beach, have world class seafood restaurants on the water.

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