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Golden Lions
henrik doing his thing

Forget McDonalds


No Fast Food (KFC's headed here)

no ATM's nor 7-ELEVEN's or traffic signals   (O.K. so maybe they just put in about 120 ATM's in the last few years, and our first 5 stop lights just went up, and KFC was already here and gone.

Three sides of SihanoukVille are surrounded by beaches. Eating, drinking, swimming, sleeping, reading, listening to music & walking are the main activities here.

Scuba diving and snorkeling, boat trips to the islands, jet skis, overnight trips to the islands.

You’re in Cambodia.  Eat something Cambodian.  SihanoukVille is known for it’s fresh seafood.  There are also foods from all over the world, thanks to the over 100 foreign owned restaurants here.

The pedal or motorized variety. You can rent bicycles here for a buck or so, and motorcycles start at $5 a day for the small ones.  It’s hard to get too lost here, since there’s only one road out of town.  Just don’t go the wrong way or you’ll end up in Phnom Penh.


 Sports bars, late night bars, discos, karaoke bars, beach bars, rooftop bars, street-side bars, pool-side bars, quiet bars, party bars, wine bars, sauna bars, coffee bars, jazz & blues bars, internet bars, island bars, and you can even buy your own bar and drink for free.  You should be able to find a bar that speaks your own language too.  Cheers!

Other Stuff:
hopping, yoga, tattoos, walking, Wats (Buddhist Temples), massages, Ream National Park, casinos, learning to speak Khmer, or donating your time to help the kids of Cambodia.

More Information:

If you need something to do, spend 15 minutes, and check out the SihanoukVille websites, including websites about Beers of Cambodia, Cigarettes of Cambodia, Buddhist Wats, The SihanoukVille Hospital, SihanoukVille Backpacker and SihanoukVille Beach Resorts, as well as updated information on many of the SihanoukVille Advertisers you see here.

 Enjoy your visit! 
See you again next year!

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